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Image by M Hjälm

Going Green 2012

12th June 2012, Prague, Czec Republic

The third annual Going Green Conference will be held in the Czec Republic capital, Prague. It is intended that the conference will create a platform for discussion on how the threats of climate change can be mitigated. The conference will be attended by politicians, scientists and representatives from the private sector. The key topics of the conference are: green jobs, green economy, green growth and green cities. It will examine and debate how the healthcare sector, public services, construction and transport industry can become more sustainable.

Going Green 2012 is in response to the growing interest in sustainability not just by scientists but by industry too. Many corporations have stretched their social conscience to cover reduce energy consumption and waste production through reducing, recycling and reusing. The green industry itself is expanding with products energy saving light bulbs becoming main stream. The sector employs thousands of people and generates a substantial share of global GDP.

Going Green 2012 will promote ways to achieve sustainable, green cities that will be able to face the challenges of the future. The European Green Capital Award will be represented at the conference and a delegate will present on the topic.

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