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Image by C. Spahrbier

Global Green Growth Forum

8th and 9th October 2012, Copenhagen

The second Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) will take place on the 8th and 9th of October in the European Green Capital for 2014 – Copenhagen. 3GF is a partnership between the Governments of Denmark, Korea and Mexico, leading global corporations and international organisations. The aim of the Forum is to give momentum to long-term sustainable growth through scalable public-private partnerships.

3GF 2012 will examine the theme “Resource Efficiency and Growth”. During the two day forum, 200 political and business leaders will meet to reflect on the commitments on sustainable growth that came from Rio+20 and the G20 summit that took place in June and will consider how public-private pathways of action can be set up around these goals.

During the forum it is expected that participants will get the opportunity to explore green business ventures and political opportunities with the key players from governments, global corporations and financial institutions. 3GF 2012 will hone cutting edge knowledge and expects that this will serve as inspiration on how to develop and promote public-private cooperation for sustainable growth.

A resource efficient and sustainable economy or green economy is a new concept that is being widely discussed and debated. Rather than accepting an economy as a measure of monetary wealth, the green economy takes into account quality of life and the environment and it is expected that the concept will spur new economic growth and jobs. Cities applying for the European Green Capital Award are expected to show their progress and dedication to eco-innovation and sustainable employment in an effort to work towards a European green economy.

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