Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by C. Spahrbier


7th – 10th November 2012, Nantes, France

The European Green Capital for 2013, Nantes, is hosting this year’s Eurocities conference. The event will run from the 7th until the 10th of November and leads on  discussions on city identities at the 2010 conference in Zaragoza and on planning for people at the 2011 conference in Genoa.

This year’s Eurocities will focus on new city politics. The sentiment behind this topic is the strong belief that European cities need to improve their political processes and find new ways to meet the needs of their citizens.

To begin the conference, two different and complementary keynote presentations will be given by high-level academic researchers. One will focus on local democracy and citizen involvement, while the other will highlight the challenges relating to the participation of young people. Throughout the Eurocities conference there will be a definite focus on young people and their potential to make new city politics a reality through innovation and creative thinking.

Coinciding with the event, there will be a private political session for Eurocities mayors to allow for a frank exchange of views between Eurocities politicians about some of the key challenges faced by most mayors and city administrations today. Political renewal will be further explored through workshops, focusing on different public policies, including culture and innovation, sustainable development and youth inclusion.

Nantes is the 2013 European Green Capital, and has been strongly committed to the actions taken by the world’s great cities to safeguard biodiversity and combat climate change. In its year as European Green Capital, Nantes will host major events like the Eurocities conference to foster exchanges of ideas and initiatives that will promote progress towards forward looking policies and practices aimed at the worldwide preservation of our environment.

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