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CIVITAS Forum 2012

24th-26th September 2012, Vitoria-Gasteiz

This year the European Green Capital Vitoria-Gasteiz is hosting the CIVITAS Forum 2012. This will be the 10th consecutive year for the forum and there is no doubt that Vitoria-Gasteiz will make an excellent host for the event.  This year it will be a joint event marking the CIVITAS Plus Final Conference and will reflect on four years of CIVITAS Plus and give significant visibility to the results of the third phase of the initiative. For this reason it will extend from the 24th to the 26th of September.

The CIVITAS Initiative (City-Vitality-Sustainability) was launched in 2002 to support cities in the adaptation of ambitious transport measures and policies to obtain sustainable urban mobility. CIVITAS aims to make sustainable transport mainstream through encouraging both innovative technology and policy-based strategies.

This forum will facilitate a discussion between the CIVITAS Forum city-and European-politicians and experts in the field of sustainable transport. The CIVITAS Forum Network currently includes over 200 cities from 32 European countries, that have formally committed to clean and sustainable urban transport. The call for speakers ended on the 15th of July and the list has the potential to present interesting, innovative topics.

By working with both the policies makers and technology experts it is hoped to bridge the gap between needs. The communication shows politicians what technological tools are available to them before in order to establish the best strategy. In turn, technology experts get a chance to receive feedback and see where the gaps in the market are. It is hoped that this collaboration will benefit the citizens of Europe.

Vitoria-Gasteiz will be presenting their sustainable successes with tours by foot, bicycle and bus to the city’s highlights. Visitors will experience first-hand how the city has managed congestion to free public spaces, redefined public transport to improve accessibility and coverage, consolidate its network of cycling paths, set up networks of pedestrian walkways and identify parking and freight infrastructure. Their enthusiasm to display their green achievements cements their status as a sustainable role model to other countries and makes them exemplar European Green Capital.

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