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Bioeconomy in the EU: Achievements and Directions for the Future

14th -15th February 2013, Dublin, Ireland

The European Commission in collaboration with the Irish Presidency is hosting a two-day conference entitled “Bioeconomy in the EU: achievements and directions for the future”. The conference falls one year after the launching of the EU’s Bioeconomy Strategy “Innovation for Sustainable Growth: a Bioeconomy for Europe” adopted in February 2012. The objective of this strategy is to engage civil society and promote informed public debate on the development of an EU bioeconomy and in fulfilling this, a series of regular conferences are being organised. The first lecture “Bioeconomy in Action” was held in Denmark, coinciding with the launch of the Copenhagen Declaration for a Bioeconomy in Action. The Bioeconomy Strategy also aims to shift the European economy towards more sustainable use of renewable resources. This will ensure a more innovative and low-emissions economy, protecting our environment and biodiversity.

Dublin Castle is playing host to this event which will be opened by Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, and the Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney. The Conference will ensure that the development of the bioeconomy remains high on Europe’s agenda and will focus on investment in research, innovation and skills, reinformed policy interaction and stakeholder engagement. It will open up debate on future prospects and opportunities for the EU Bioeconomy. The event represents an opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders including scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers as well as members of the public. Best practice examples on how to foster growth and competitiveness in bioeconomy sectors will be discussed along with the challenges for 2013 and the future.

06.02.13 eu bioeconomy day

The citizens and local authorities of Dublin, Ireland, are showing their high level of commitment to genuine progress in green growth and sustainability as an applicant for the 2015 European Green Capital Award. The selection of a city to be awarded the European Green Capital Award is assessed on the basis of twelve environmental indicators assessed by an Expert Panel. The winning city will be announced in the 2013 European Green Capital Nantes in June this year. Ireland recently celebrated the beginning of its 2013 Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) with a ceremony at Dublin Castle. The New Year’s Eve ceremony also celebrated the 40th anniversary of Ireland’s membership of the EU and the start of the Year of Citizens in Europe (EYC2013).

Copenhagen, the 2014 European Green Capital, impressed the Jury in terms of its model in urban planning and design. Copenhagen is also pioneering in terms of its transport policy, aiming to become the world’s most practicable city for cyclists. The goal is to have 50% of people cycling to their place of work or education by 2015, helping the city reach an ambitious goal of being CO2 neutral by 2025.

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