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ACR+ European Waste and Resource Conference Days & General Assembly

7-8th November, Brussels

Waste is a rising concern for the entire world. The increase in wealth and the progress in the consumer industry have led to a steady increase in waste. The European Union alone produces 3 billion tonnes of waste a year. That equates to 6 tonnes of solid waste per person annually. Approximately 90 million tonnes of European waste is hazardous. The OECD has estimated that the production of waste could augment by 45% by 2020 compared to 1995 levels. This staggering statistic indicates that Europe could be facing a serious waste crisis by the end of this decade.

The negative impacts of landfills and incinerators include water table and air-borne pollution which can both have adverse health effects on the population. Disposal involves energy intensive processes adding to a region’s carbon emissions. Excess waste production puts a strain on the environment, economy and the health of a region. In response to this concern, the Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management (ACR+) is holding a conference from the 7-8th of November titled “ACR+ European Waste and Resource Days: Local and Regional Innovation for Prevention, Reuse and Recycling”. The conference will take place in the Committee of Region, Brussels.

During the two day conference, speakers will analyse where Europe stands today, examining what policies and actions have been implemented. A focus will be made on how waste prevention can be obtained at a regional level. The concept of reuse, and what preparations are necessary to make this a successful method of waste reduction, will be discussed. The achievements of the ACR+ to date will also be highlighted.

Waste management is one of the key factors examined by the European Green Capital Jury. It is an important aspect of a green city. Reducing waste production means less landfills and polluting by-products. The European Union’s approach to waste management is based on 3 key pillars of prevention, recycling and reuse, and improving final disposal and monitoring. Effective waste management schemes in green cities are based on these pillars. The ACR+ conference will give further inspiration and encouragement to green cities to curb their escalating waste production and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

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