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Image by Ursula Bach

The ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

12-17th August Pacific Grove, California

This August the 17th ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy) Summer Study on Energy Efficiency Buildings will be held in Pacific Grove, California and will focus on the theme “Fueling the Future with Efficiency”. The event will be attended by experts in the field of sustainable buildings from all over the globe. Delegates will discuss the technological basis for, and practical implementation of, actions to reduce energy use and the climate impacts associated with buildings.

Buildings are responsible for 36% of the European Union’s carbon dioxide emissions, representing the largest single emitter. Therefore reducing emissions from this sector is key to achieving a green Europe. Energy efficiency in buildings is a rapidly growing industry and the ACEE Summer Study aims to create awareness and exchange information on the topic. This will be done through both structured and non-structured forums. A number of papers will be presented to share best practices and innovations.

Not only does the conference recognise the role of technology in improving the energy efficiency of buildings but it also intends to highlight the importance of enforcing strong policies at government level and creating codes and standards. Finance in this area is also essential to ensure continued growth in adaptation and advancements in technology.

Energy performance is one of the 12 indicators examined by the European Green Capital judging panel. Cities that make improvements in the energy consumption of their built environment will stand to make a large impact on the production of greenhouse gases. Simple procedures such as installing motion sensor lights or eliminating drafts can make a big impact on energy consumption. No doubt the ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency will propose valuable technical and political solutions that will make sustainable buildings mainstream.
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