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Image by Ursula Bach

8th PCF World Summit

26-27 September 2012, Berlin

The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) World Forum was established as platform for companies to share ideas and experiences to overcome the challenges involved in managing and communicating the climate and environmental impact of their products. The PCF World Forum is a neutral platform created for companies and other stakeholders to share practical experiences and knowledge towards climate-conscious consumption.

Since the conception of the PCF World Forum, representatives from a range of organisations and initiatives have collaborated at the PCF World Summits, PCF World Forum Update Workshops and dedicated Dialogue Forums Low Carbon Society. The 8th World Summit will take place on the 26th and 27th of September in Berlin, Germany.

This year’s summit will focus on “Renewable Resources in the Value Chain. A Viable Option for Reducing Environmental Footprints?” Over the two days stakeholders will attend lectures and discussions on how standards, initiatives and their implementation are progressing. Attendees will be asked what carbon footprinting reality looks like and whether it is driving real change or just binding valuable resources. The summit will look at the use of renewable resources such as bioplastics in products as a viable option for reducing carbon and environmental footprints.

The summit will update stakeholders on international and selected national carbon and environmental footprints and initiatives. Items for presentation include as ISO 14067 “Carbon Footprint of Products”, the French Environmental Product Declaration Scheme and the Product Carbon Footprint Project in Québec.

Reducing carbon footprints in industry can significantly contribute towards the sustainability of the local city. As a result the European Green Capital Award puts a definite weight on eco innovation and sustainable employment when assessing a city’s potential to be the next title holder. Raising awareness of eco industry is also important so that consumers can make climate conscious decisions and reduce waste and carbon emissions.


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