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European Green Capital Dialogues, the 8th Dialogue

31 May 2012, Hamburg, Germany

The 8th Hamburg European Green Capital Dialogue will present the result of the other seven dialogues that took place during Hamburg’s year as European Green Capital in 2011. The event will also give an outlook of projects that will be undertaken in Hamburg after their year as European Green Capital. The main focus of the event is not to review past results but to look to the future and to how Hamburg can continue to develop a modern and sustainable city. The 8th Dialogue marks the first step into the future of Hamburg and the transition from being a European Green Capital for one year to being a European Green Capital every day into the future.

The Green Capital Dialogues attracted great interest over the course of the programme and highlighted the need for information and networking on environmental issues. The citizens and actors of Hamburg had the possibility to discuss their ideas and visions of seven different topics including, climate protection and housing, sustainable consumption, water, resources and waste, Hamburg’s Climate Protection Master Plan, mobility and green space.

The event will feature discussion from different levels of political influence and the forum will feature the following topics;

  • Sustainable Model Lodging with emphasis on ecology, economy and social topics, focusing on the example of climate protection;
  • The accountability of government, business and citizens;
  • How can we promote the implementation of sustainable projects?

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