Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by Ursula Bach

Dominique Ellen van de Pol, Sustainable Fashion Strategist, Essen

Würzburg native and now Essen resident, Dominique Ellen van de Pol, operates in the field of sustainability, fashion theory and communications. The modern conscious consumer has required brands and manufacturers to examine their ethos, processes and approach to sustainability and Dominique has found herself working for brands and institutions in Europe and Asia in areas such as sustainable fashion consumption, green fashion, corporate social responsibility, styling and communication.

After a move to Essen three years ago, Dominique thinks that living in a European Green Capital is a natural fit. “As I am an internationally operating expert in fashion and sustainability, I feel it is the perfect timing for me to be here in Essen right now. Essen as European Green Capital 2017 sets the perfect stage for my various projects about Green Fashion and Mindful Fashion Consumption”, says Dominique.



‘I just have to step out of the door to find green instantly’, Dominique Ellen van de Pol.


Dominique can see many positive changes in Essen since becoming the Green Capital, “I feel that this title gives the citizens of Essen a new pride to show the rest of Germany and the whole world how beautiful this city has become.”

Dominique believes Essen has a lot to offer, especially if you want to spend time outside relaxing and taking in the beautiful scenery: “To become a European Green Capital a city needs a lot of places where you can enjoy nature, take a deep breath and recharge. Essen has many beautiful green spots to offer like Lake Baldeney for example. You can spend the day in a hip beach bar at the waterfront and have dinner afterwards in a chic Restaurant on the cliffs in the middle of the woods, with an amazing view on the lake.”

Even Dominique’s friends and family living in other cities are also impressed by how green Essen is: “They were absolutely astonished that Essen has so many green spots and so many interesting green stories to tell. Especially the latest TV documentaries about the Green Capital really gave them another and much greener idea of this city.”DVDP2

Dominique has also found a new appreciation for the city: “Within the framework of the Green Capital there are so many interesting locations presented in a new light. So even I, as a citizen feel inspired to experience my city anew and to visit new places I haven’t seen before.

When asked about the biggest advantage to living in a Green Capital, Dominique said “My little daughter and I just have to step out of the door to find green instantly: a big park with wild rabbits – just around the corner.

This is a busy year for Dominique, after organizing a sold out Green Fashion Tour May, they have now become regular fixtures. The tours, as Dominique says, are “both informative and inspiring where participants experience different facets of sustainable fashion: from handpicked Green Fashion labels, Green Yoga Fashion to Vintage, local Ateliers. What is more: Participants get a lot of inspiring input about other green strategies like Upcycling, Swapping and mindful fashion consumption in general.”

For more information on Dominique’s fashion business, visit her website here.