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Image by M.Štojs

“How European Green Capitals commit themselves”: focus session at Climate Chance summit

Five European Green Capital cities and one shortlisted city joined forces to present concrete measures for sustainable urban development during the International Climate Chance summit in Nantes.

The session ‘How European Green Capitals commit themselves’ was hosted by Ben Caspar from the European Commission’s Environment Directorate. The session showcased strategies that have been developed by European Green Capitals in response to climate challenges.

Panelists concluded that in order to really tackle climate change, cities need to set long-term strategies with cross-party support, that can outlast shorter-term political cycles. They stressed that real change is possible and highlighted the ambitious targets they have set themselves, and that they are on route to achieving, with a number of cities heading for carbon neutrality within the next twenty years.

Panelists also insisted that exchange of information and best practices are essential to learn from peers, and that whatever action is taken, it needs to be done with the involvement of citizen's, local businesses and other stakeholders.

For further information on best practices, come and visit us at our stand or read the latest Good Practice Report directly on our website.

UPDATE: Read the Nantes Declaration of Climate Actors adopted in the closing session of the Climate Chance Summit.