Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by M.Štojs

Belgian newspaper La Libre tours the European Green Capitals

‘Brussels should take inspiration from the European Green Capitals’

Photo credit: Žiga Intihar

In the series ‘Tour d’Europe des villes vertes’, journalist Sophie Devillers travels to the current and future European Green Capitals, Ljubljana (2016), Essen (2017), and Nijmegen (2018). In the fourth article, she makes the case for Brussels and what it can learn from European Green Capitals, Ljubljana, Essen and Nijmegen.  The article specifically suggests that mobililty is one area where Brussels could learn from the three featured cities, all of which have pedestrianised their city centres.
The European Commission has long recognised the important role local authorities play in improving the environment and the quality of life with a high level of commitment to genuine progress. The European Green Capital and European Green Leaf Awards were conceived as an initiative to promote and reward these efforts. 12 Cities have been awarded the prestigious title so far.

Tour d'Europe des villes vertes

1/4: Ljubljana a banni les voitures de son centre (Ljubljana has banned cars in its city centre)
2/4: Essen est passée du noir de suie au vert tendre (Essen has moved from soot black to tender green)
3/4: Nimègue est prête à affronter le déluge (Nijmegen is ready to face the deluge)
4/4: Bruxelles doit s’inspirer de ses vertes voisines (Brussels should be inspired by its green neighbours)