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Madrid takes on largest street lighting project in the world

Energy performance is one of 12 environmental indicators assessed as part of the European Green Capital Award. It is critical that cities use energy at its most efficient and also move towards an energy mix that includes more renewable and sustainable energy sources. Energy use in cities has a direct link to other impacts including climate change and air quality. The city government of Madrid plans to upgrade 100% of its street lighting to Philips energy-efficient lighting. The project will include the upgrade of a total of 225,000 lights, making this the world’s largest street lighting renewal.

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According to the Mayor of Madrid Ms. Ana Botella, “This will be the biggest technological renewal ever seen in Madrid City. The change will reduce the city’s energy consumption thanks to energy efficient luminaires, extending the lifespan of the city lighting and controlling light pollution by enabling the regulation of the intensity of light when and where it’s needed. The new lighting installation allows us to make significant progress towards becoming a smart city, which is more sustainable and, in conclusion, a more livable city.”

By upgrading the city’s street lighting the government hopes to achieve energy savings of up to 44%. The upgrade will also enable city planners to regulate the amount and duration of lights based on need. Philips will finance the project at no additional cost to the citizens of Madrid and all replaced lamps and lampposts will be recycled by Ambilamp.