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Image by M Hjälm

Ljubljana’s drinkable water fountains

Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016 impressed the Jury with its efforts to generate awareness among citizens that high quality drinking water is a valuable resource and water from all sources must be considered appropriately. At present there are 22 drinking fountains in the city which are fully functional in the spring and summer. These are connected to the public water supply system and are maintained and monitored on a regular basis.

The fountain on na Pogačarjev trg next to Ljubljana Cathedral.  Image courtesy of

The fountain on na Pogačarjev trg next to Ljubljana Cathedral.
Image courtesy of

The drinking fountains are strategically located in the city’s centre, at regular and close intervals from the Pogačar Trg to the Gornji Trg. Last year marked the opening of another drinking fountain at a popular recreational spot – Mostec, and this year at Golovec (by the exit for the Observatory) and the Ključavničarska Ulica.

The website provides accessible information on the importance of clean drinking water and the scientific evidence behind it, water quality and consumption in Ljubljana, and how to calculate and reduce your consumption effectively, the location of drinking fountains and many teaching materials for school children.

The city of Ljubljana has also created a smart phone app which highlights the locations of public drinking fountains or
Pitniki. The smartphone application determines your current
location and helps you find the nearest drinking water fountain
by displaying a map with a plotted route, and providing a short description with a photo.

To download the mobile app ‘Ljubljana Tap Water’ click here.