Today more than two thirds of Europeans live in towns and cities. Urban areas concentrate most of the environmental challenges facing our society but also bring together commitment and innovation to resolve them. The European Green Capital Award has been conceived to promote and reward these efforts. Find Out More

Eco-friendly Gym provides Clean Energy

December 17, 2014

Created by the British Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO), the kilowatts produced by the users while they’re exercising enter a local energy network, so citizens can save on their utility bills.... read more

Looking back on Copenhagen’s Year as European Green Capital 2014

December 17, 2014

Receiving this prestigious award was a testament to the hard work of the city and its citizens in creating a sustainable urban environment. ... read more

The 11th Sustainability Conference

21st Jan 2015 - 23rd Jan 2015

This year’s conference will focus on "Sustainability Dividends - Development Fault Lines." read more

Winter Cycling Congress 2015

10th Feb 2015 - 12th Feb 2015

The Winter Cycling Congress is a project of the Winter Cycling Federation. The congress aims to encourage winter cycling as a sustainable mode of transport. read more