Today more than two thirds of Europeans live in towns and cities. Urban areas concentrate most of the environmental challenges facing our society but also bring together commitment and innovation to resolve them. The European Green Capital Award has been conceived to promote and reward these efforts. Find Out More

London announces plans for Europe’s longest segregated cycle lane

February 25, 2015

Two continuous cycle routes, almost completely separated from traffic, will cross central London from east to west and north to south.... read more

Driving the Sharing Economy

February 25, 2015

With the growth of the sharing economy appearing to be on a ceaseless upward curve, house, bike and ride sharing are now commonplace across many European cities. ... read more

The Politics of Climate Change

17th Mar 2015 - 17th Mar 2015

The Bristol-based journal Policy & Politics has announced Lord Anthony Giddens as the speaker for the 20th Policy & Politics Annual Lecture. read more

Smart Charging: steering the charge, driving the change

24th Mar 2015 - 24th Mar 2015

If used smartly, these vehicles have great promise in making our energy systems more future proof – as storage, flexible demand conducive to renewables integration and grid support. read more