Today more than two thirds of Europeans live in towns and cities. Urban areas concentrate most of the environmental challenges facing our society but also bring together commitment and innovation to resolve them. The European Green Capital Award has been conceived to promote and reward these efforts. Find Out More

Indicators for urban green infrastructure

To assist cities in developing their green infrastructure strategies further, the European Environmental Agency (EEA) has developed a number of GI indicators, displayed on their recently launched interactive map.... read more

Shortlist announced for European Green Capital 2019 and European Green Leaf 2018 Awards

Five cities make EGCA 2019 shortlist with three cities shortlisted for EGL 2018. ... read more

Energy Cities Annual Conference ‘2050 starts today’

26th Apr 2017 - 28th Apr 2017

The conference will examine policy choices which influence stakeholder involvement in energy democracy, funding of local and low-carbon energy projects and transfer of powers to local levels. read more

Velo-city 2017

13th Jun 2017 - 16th Jun 2017

With renowned global speakers, an exciting social program and numerous excursions the conference promises to be the biggest yet. read more

3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference ‘Our Climate Ready Future’

5th Jun 2017 - 9th Jun 2017

This event will bring together businesses, NGOs, local government, policy-makers, researchers and communities. read more

IST 2017: Taking the lead in real world transitions

18th Jun 2017 - 21st Jun 2017

IST 2017 is taking place in the Lindholmen Conference Centre, a waterfront venue in the heart of Gothenburg. read more

12th ICBEN Congress on Noise as a Public Health Congress

18th Jun 2017 - 22nd Jun 2017

The congress will take place in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in the newly renovated NO (Naturwissenschaften Ost) Building read more

European Sustainable Energy Week 2017

19th Jun 2017 - 25th Jun 2017

The winner of the EU Sustainable Energy Awards will be announced on 20th June. The Awards give projects related to sustainable energy the opportunity to showcase their work and be recognised for their achievements read more

European Green Capital and European Green Leaf Awards Ceremony

2nd Jun 2017 - 2nd Jun 2017

The cities shortlisted for both awards will be revealed in early April and invitations to the event will be issued shortly thereafter. read more

Noise in Europe Conference

24th Apr 2017 - 24th Apr 2017

Over 120 million people in the EU are badly affected by noise pollution. Noise from railway, aircraft and road traffic can cause sleep disturbance, leading to a range of health problems such as cardiovascular disease read more

Embrace the Water

12th Jun 2017 - 14th Jun 2017

The conference will include a combination of interactive sessions, presentations and technical tours around Gothenburg read more

5th International Conference on Sustainable Development

6th Sep 2017 - 7th Sep 2017

ICSD2017 will cover topics related to the three pillars of sustainable development: the environment, society, and the economy. read more

European Mobility Week

16th Sep 2017 - 22nd Sep 2017

The theme this year, ‘Sharing gets you further’, promotes transport sharing to decrease the number of cars on the road. read more