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Image by Ursula Bach

Fire Hydrant-Water Fountains

Residents and commuters in the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood of Montreal will be able to drink straight out of two reinvented fire hydrant fountains. The innovative fountains are located at the intersections of Mont-Royal-Saint-Laurent and De Brebeuf-Mont-Royal and were developed by the Association of Industrial Designers of Quebec (ADIQ).

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The fountains are designed especially so that they will not interfere with the work of firefighters; the metal ring ensures that there is necessary space for their manoeuvres. The water quality of the fountains will be tested on a regular basis. The fountains aim to encourage people to avail of free access to water. It is hoped that these new water fountains will also reduce the amount of non-reusable water bottles in the city.

Water management is one of twelve environmental indicators assessed as part of the European Green Capital Award. The city of Umeå, a finalist for the European Green Capital Award 2016, has demonstrated a commitment to the importance of water management. Umeå undertook a public awareness campaign to tackle the challenging area of urban water run-off which is not on the radar of most citizens and would generally be considered by the public a matter for the authorities.

A Carwash Campaign was launched to show citizens how their activity can contribute to water treatment performance. The campaign demonstrated that activities on hard surfaces such as asphalt can be a burden and showed how residents can help improve storm water quality. Those citizens who chose to use the car wash instead of washing their cars on the street were presented with flowers and praised to say ‘thank you’ for making the right decision. To find out more about waste water management read the Urban Environment Good Practice & Benchmarking Report – Award Cycle 2016.