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EGLA Evaluation Process

How can my city become a European Green Leaf winner?

European Green Leaf Award candidate cities will be assessed on the basis of six environmental topic areas:

  • Climate Change & Energy Performance
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Nature, Biodiversity & Sustainable Land Use
  • Air Quality and Noise
  • Waste and Circular Economy
  • Water

In each topic area there are two sections that must be completed (900 words per topic area):

  • Describe the current situation and strategic approach
  • Describe citizen participation and public awareness

The European Green Leaf Award application form also includes a ‘City Introduction and Context section’, where you are asked to briefly present your city, indicating the main challenges it faces and how you deal with them.

A Good Practice Section is also included at the end of the application form where cities are invited to submit three good practices they are undertaking across three different environmental topic areas.

Two-tier evaluation process

A panel of internationally acknowledged experts will assess the application forms submitted by each city.  This will include qualitative evaluations and a peer review of each application based on the six topic areas above. The Expert Panel for the 2018 EGLA Cycle was as below with experts currently being sought for the 2019 cycle. Please note the changes to the environmental topic areas for the 2019 cycle when compared with the 2018 cycle.

Environmental Topic Area EXPERT
Climate Change & Energy Performance Mr. Javier González Vidal
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Fischedick
Mobility Dr. Ian Skinner
Mr. Jan Dictus
Biodiversity & Land Use Dr. Annemieke Smit
Mr. David Jamieson
Quality of Air & the Acoustic Environment Dr. Diogo Alarcão
Prof. Christer Johansson
Waste Management & Circular Economy Mr. Warren Phelan
Dr. Stefan Ulrich Speck
Water & Wastewater Management Dr. Ana Lončarić Božić
Mr. Giulio Conte

Following the evaluation process,  cities are shortlisted for the next stage of the competition. The shortlisted cities are invited to present to the Jury, setting out their achievements and future vision. The Jury then assesses the shortlisted cities in the light of all the information provided and decide on the winner(s).

The Jury will assess the shortlisted cities based on the following criteria:

1) The city’s overall commitment, strategy and enthusiasm, as conveyed by the presentation

2) The city’s efforts to communicate to citizens and the citizens’ engagement in environmental activities

3) The city’s potential to act as a ‘green ambassador’, promoting good practice and spreading the EGLA concept further

The 2019 EGLA winner(s) will be announced at the European Green Capital & European Green Leaf Awards ceremony in late May/early June 2018.

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