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EGCN Workshop & Toolkits

The European Green Capital Network

Workshops and toolkits

During 2018-2020 the Network will develop toolkits for cities outside of the network, providing recommendations and strategies around four thematic clusters – or ‘visions’ – for sustainable European cities. The Network will hold internal expert workshops, contributing to the development of the toolkits.

The following thematic visions will be addressed:

100% renewable

Key themes: Climate change mitigation and transitioning to fossil fuel-free cities

Zero waste

Key themes: Sustainable waste management, circular economies and responsible consumption

Human scale

Key themes: Integrated urban planning and sustainable mobility, green spaces, inclusive communities


Key themes: Climate change adaptation, resilience, sustainable water sources and eco-systems


First workshop: Future-proof

20-22 November 2018, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Centrum Nijmegen

The first workshop will be hosted by European Green Capital 2018, Nijmegen.

The workshop is organised around the vision “Future-proof”: This vision combines European cities’ strategies to use nature-based solutions to become (or stay) resilient towards natural and manmade disasters and adapt to climate change. Reducing vulnerability, safeguarding freshwater supply and quality as well as ecosystem services, and installing robust, sustainable urban infrastructures, belong to the key tasks of any local government. This workshop distils successful examples of how Green Capital winners and finalists have created synergies between these activities, depending on their specific local, natural, economic and social conditions.

Workshop participants will include experts from within the network, with experience and knowledge on how to future-proof urban environments. They will discuss challenges, share best practice and participate in study-visits, including to Nijmegen’s sustainable district, De Waalsprong, where the host city will demonstrate how it has made the new district both climate-proof and a popular place to live.

The combined knowledge gathered from the visits, and from the workshop as a whole, will feed into the future-proof toolkit (available soon on this website), enabling all cities to benefit from the expertise of the network.