Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by Ursula Bach

Expert: Dr. Ian Skinner

Ian SkinnerEGCA Expert for Local Transport

EGL Expert for Mobility

Director of Transport and Environmental Policy Research, London, UK.

Ian Skinner is an independent researcher and consultant with over 20 years of experience in undertaking research and consultancy projects focusing on the environmental impacts of transport.

His PhD from University College London was on the implementation of sustainable transport policies in South East England and he has also undertaken research at the University of Kent on the marginal cost pricing of transport.

Since his PhD, Ian has worked at the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) and AEA (now Ricardo-AEA) before co-founding TEPR in 2009. Ian’s work focuses on the implementation and evaluation of sustainable transport policies for national and international organisations. Much of Ian’s work has been undertaken at the European level for the European Commission, which has involved impact assessments and evaluations of various EU transport and environmental policies.

He has also worked for UNEP, including in support of their EST goes EAST project, and been an independent evaluator for the European Commission. In 2013, Ian was invited to draft the chapter on European transport policy for a forthcoming Edgar Elgar book Research Handbook on Climate Change Mitigation Law (Van Calster and Vandenberghe (eds)).