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Expert: Mr. Javier González Vidal

javier-gonzalezvidalEGCA Expert for Climate Change: mitigation & adaptation

EGL Expert for Climate Change & Energy Performance

Atmospheric pollution technical advisor. Regional Government of Valencia – D.G. Environmental Quality, Spain.

F. Javier González Vidal is an Industrial Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Throughout his professional career he has always focused on the promotion of environmental respect, both at the regional and international level.

For the last 13 years he has been working for the Regional Government of Valencia in the D.G. Environmental Quality, where the activities and responsibilities of the job have provided him with a wide view of the situation related to the intensive use of energy, climate change, polluting emissions and air quality.

The development and implementation of policies to fight air pollution and climate change have been one of his priorities, having used emissions inventories as a key tool to assess effectiveness. During this period some of the main tasks he has been involved in have been the development, implementation and monitoring of the policies included in the regional Climate Change Strategy and the implementation of the EU ETS, the management of the PRTR register, and the air quality network analysis and subsequent development of air quality actions plans.

He was a member of the Climate Change Committee of the European Commission as a representative of the regional governments of Spain in order to express their opinion during the negotiations of the European policies.

Since 2005, as a member of the Roster of Experts of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Javier contributes to the review of national communications and inventories, focusing in the energy chapter, according to the Kyoto Protocol commitments.  He has cooperated actively with D.G. Enlargement providing technical support to EU partner countries with regard to the approximation, application and enforcement of EU environmental legislation through the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument.

During 2013 he has worked with the Ministry of Environment of Brazil, in the context of the sectorial dialogues between the EU and Brazil, on the Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Chapter.”