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Image by C. Spahrbier

2021 EGCA

EGCA 2021 Applicant CitiesThe finalists for the European Green Capital 2021 competition have been announced! Three out of the nine cities that entered the competition in October 2018 have made it to the final stage of the competition. The finalist cities are: Lahti (Finland), Lille (France) and Strasbourg (France).

These cities will now enter the final stage of the competition: convincing an international jury in June of their overall commitment to sustainable urban development, their capacity to act as a role model for other cities, and their strategy for communicating and engaging with their citizens. The winner of the European Green Capital 2021 title will be announced on 20 June in Oslo, the 2019 European Green Capital.

Good luck to all the finalists!

For more information about the European Green Capital 2021 competition and evaluation process to date, please continue reading below.

Key dates for the 2021 cycle:

  • 31st May 2018 – Competition opened
  • 2nd July 2018 – Applicant workshop
  • 18th October 2018 – Competition closed
  • November 2018 – March 2019 – Assessment by Expert Panel
  • April 2019 – Announcement of finalist cities
  • May/June 2019 – Finalist cities will present their communications strategy and vision to the Jury, chaired by the European Commission
  • May/June 2019 – Awards Ceremony in Oslo to announce the winner of the 2021 European Green Capital title

About the Award

The European Green Capital Award pays tribute to European cities where innovative urban environmental management and initiatives have taken hold. Award winning cities lead the way in setting higher standards in sustainable urban development, listening to what their citizens want and pioneering innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

An international Expert Panel performed a detailed technical assessment of each applicant on the basis of 12 environmental indicators covering climate change: mitigation; climate change adaptation; sustainable urban mobility; sustainable land use; nature and biodiversity; air quality; noise; waste; water; green growth and eco-innovation; energy performance; and governance. Following this technical evaluation, the Expert Panel selected the finalist cities that will go onto the final stage of the 2021 European Green Capital competition.

The finalists will be invited to present a communications strategy, substantiated by action plans, on how they intend to fulfil their Green Capital year to an international Jury on 20 June 2019.

The Jury will assess the finalists based on the following evaluation criteria:

  1. The city’s overall commitment, vision and enthusiasm as conveyed through the presentation.
  2. The city’s capacity to act as a role model, inspiring other cities, promoting best practices and further raising awareness of the EGCA model.
  3. The city’s communication strategy and actions, which should address:
    • Citizen communication and involvement to date in relation to the 12 environmental indicators, effectiveness via changes in citizen behaviour, lessons learned and proposed modifications for the future.
    • The extent of the city’s partnering (local, regional and national) to gain maximum social and economic leverage.
    • How they intend to fulfil their role of EU Ambassador, inspiring other cities.

Based on the proposals from the Expert Panel and information presented to the Jury, the Jury will make the final decision and select the city to be awarded the title of European Green Capital 2021. The winner will be announced at the EGCA Awards Ceremony in Oslo (Norway), the 2019 European Green Capital, on 20 June 2019.

If you would like more information about the European Green Capital Award, please send an email to: