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Participating in ETV as Verification Body, testing body or analytical laboratory

ETV services are provided by 'Verification Bodies', which are existing organisations specifically accredited to perform verification under ETV for a given area of technology. The accreditation requested is based on the ISO/IEC Standard 17020 for inspection bodies, and on the ETV General Verification Protocol.

The ETV General Verification Protocol (GVP) is the technical reference document describing the procedures guiding the verification process and the requirements for the organisations taking part in it. The GVP has been revised in July 2014 and the revised version is applicable immediately. The revised text (version 1.1) is available here.

Organisations interested to become Verification Bodies should contact their national accreditation body, whose contact details can be found on the webpage of the European Co-operation for Accreditation.

Organisations interested to become testing bodies (performing the tests on which technology verifications are based) or analytical laboratories (analysing test samples when analyses are required) should refer to the ETV General Verification Protocol to ensure that they fulfill the requirements to participate in ETV. In particular, certification to the ISO Standard 9001 is recommended for testing bodies and accreditation to the ISO Standard 17025 is required from analytical laboratories.

Verification Bodies participate in ETV technical working groups, along with independent experts, with the objective to exchange experience, harmonise practices and give guidance on procedures. Technical working group may also be consulted in case of disagreement between a Verification Body and a third party. To contact the technical working groups or ask for more information, please send an e-mail to: JRC IET ETV