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Key documents and links

The objectives and operational principles of the ETV pilot programme are described in the Commission Staff Working Paper on 'The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) initiative – Helping Eco-Innovations to reach the Market'.

Summary information on ETV and relevant contacts in EU Member States are available in the Information Note. Also available are Frequently Asked Questions.

The ETV initiative is part of the Eco-innovation Action Plan. The EcoAP website provides information on other EU actions to support eco-innovation, as well as news and good practices on eco-innovation in EU countries.

A detailed assessment of the market potential and demand for an EU ETV scheme was produced by the EPEC consortium and published in June 2011.

Please also have a look at the following websites on ETV in countries participating in the ETV Steering Group:

Information on ETV international activities and links to non-EU programs is available on the 'International ETV links' page.

Other documents and links

ETV events 2010-2013