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International ETV links

The European Commission is participating in an International Working Group on ETV (IWG-ETV), together with the Canadian, Korean, Philippines and US programmes, with the following objectives:

  • Establish mutual recognition of environmental technology verification programs among participating countries to accelerate the development and deployment of environmentally sound technologies to address common environmental challenges;
  • Jointly develop verification procedures and jointly verify technologies addressing common environmental challenges or issues of international interest;
  • Investigate the possible application and/or development of an International Standards Organisation (ISO) standard for environmental technology verification and reporting, including a process for accrediting and certifying verification organisations;
  • Provide a means to engage stakeholders and facilitate international cooperation in support of transparent, environmental technology verification and reporting; and
  • Organise international meetings, workshops and forums to share lessons learned, demonstrate outcomes, build alliances and create pathways and modalities for technology transfer between developed and developing countries.

The conclusions of IWG discussions in the period 2010-2013 were consolidated in a Guidance Document towards the Mutual Recognition of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Programs.

On 8 February 2013, the International Standardization Organization (ISO) accepted the proposal made by the Standards Council of Canada, on behalf of the IWG-ETV, to draft a new standard on Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) and Performance Evaluation. The proposal builds on the work undertaken by the IWG-ETV since 2008. The scope of the new standard would include general specifications for conducting verification, including the definition of verification parameters, plan of tests and assessment of test data, preparation of ETV reports and statement. The objective is to provide the basis for mutual recognition of ETV programs in future. The new standard will be drafted by the ISO Technical Committee 207 (Environmental Management).

Please have a look at the website of some non-EU ETV programmes: