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The Origins

In November 2005, at the summit to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Euro-Mediterranean process, the partners committed to:

"endorse a feasible timetable to de-pollute the Mediterranean Sea by 2020, while providing appropriate financial resources and technical support to implement it, using the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development and exploring possible areas for co-operation in this regard with UNEP"

The Initiative

Following-up on this commitment from all of the Euro-Mediterranean Partners the European Commission launched the Horizon 2020 initiative that aims to tackle the top sources of Mediterranean pollution by the year 2020. The Commission is building a coalition of partners to implement it.

The 2006 Commission Communication establishing an environment strategy for the Mediterranean sketches out the detail of Horizon 2020, grouping planned activities under four headings:

  • Projects to reduce the most significant sources of pollution. The initial focus will be on industrial emissions, municipal waste and urban waste water, which are responsible for up to 80% of Mediterranean Sea pollution.
  • Capacity-building measures to help neighbouring countries create national environmental administrations that are able to develop and police environmental laws.
  • Using the Commission's research budget to develop greater knowledge of environmental issues relevant to the Mediterranean and ensure this is shared. The experience built up from the LIFE programme and the Short and Medium Term Action Programme SMAP will be shared between the partners.
  • Developing indicators to monitor the success of Horizon 2020.
The Cairo Conference

The 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on environment in Cairo on 20 November 2006 was the first Euro-Med environment ministerial held outside the EU. At the meeting agreement was reached on the timetable of actions called for in Barcelona. This timetable will be used to measure progress with Horizon 2020.

- Cairo Conference enfrar (pdf 21-22k)
- Horizon 2020 Timetable 2007-2013 enfrar (pdf 31-36k)

The initiative is open to all stakeholders and calls for the mobilisation of the necessary financial resources and the provision of technical support from all partners. All stakeholders are invited to work together to maximise assistance, exploit opportunities and meet the commitments of the timetable.

The European Commission will coordinate the partnership of the Horizon 2020 initiative through the establishment of an efficient institutional steering mechanism to effectively coordinate with other related initiatives, in particular the MAP’s Strategic Action Programme (SAP) to address pollution from land based activities (SAP MED).

link to conference page

The first Horizon 2020 Steering Group

After designation of the national Focal Points by the EU-Member States, by the ENP Partner countries and by other stakeholders, the first Euromed Steering Group for the Implementation of Horizon 2020 was held in Marrakech on 5-6 June.

Link to conference page

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