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Welcome to Horizon 2020

Euro-Mediterranean governments aim to tackle the top sources of Mediterranean pollution by the year 2020 through the Horizon 2020 initiative that is built around 4 elements:

  • Projects to reduce the most significant pollution sources focussing on industrial emissions, municipal waste and urban waste water, responsible for up to 80% of pollution in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Capacity-building measures to help neighbouring countries create national environmental administrations that are able to develop and police environmental laws.
  • Using the Commission's Research budget to develop and share knowledge of environmental issues relevant to the Mediterranean.
  • Developing indicators to monitor the success of Horizon 2020.

The initiative is open to all stakeholders and calls for the mobilisation of the necessary financial resources and the provision of technical support from all partners. All stakeholders are invited to work together to maximise assistance, exploit opportunities and meet the commitments of the timetable.

A Horizon 2020 Web-Site has been created under the Mediterranean Environment Programme to provide updated, detailed technical information on the project components.

For more information please contact us.