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Mediterranean Neighbourhood



European Commission Communication


  • LIFE and the marine environment – promoting sustainable management of Europe’s seas
  • Flyer "Working Together - The European Neighbourhood Policy and the environment" enfr(pdf, ~3,2 MB)
  • Flyer "Semaine Economique de la Méditerranée" enfrar(pdf, ~4,5 MB)
  • LIFE and the marine environment: promoting sustainable management of Europe’s seas en(low resolution pdf, ~4,84 KB) en(high resolution pdf, ~7,92 KB)
  • Flyer on Commission's Environmental Strategy for Mediterranean arenfr(pdf, ~700 KB)
  • Flyer on Life in the Mediterranean arenfr(pdf, ~850 KB)
  • Statistics in Focus: The Mediterranean in 2020 arenfr(pdf)
  • Summary of responses to the informal internet consultation that took place for the initial draft of Horizon 2020 timetable en(pdf, 1,55 MB). The report was prepared by LDK ECO Environmental Consultants for DG Environment.
  • Priority issues in the Mediterranean environment, EEA Report No 4/2006 . The report was prepared by the European Environment Agency (EEA), EEA's European Topic Centre for Water (ETC/WTR) and the United Nations Environment Programme/Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP).