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EMAS - Performance, Credibility, Transparency

Eco-label Environmental Compliance Assistance Program Green Public Procurement

EMAS Tools

In this section, you will find all available tools to help organisations implement EMAS.

To get a detailed sight of what registered companies commit to, you can access the database of all the environmental statements from EMAS certified organisations.

You will also find specific tools in the following sections:

General EMAS Presentation

This presentation gives a short introduction to EMAS, its objectives and benefits, the historical development of the scheme, differences from ISO EN 14001 and presents the logo.

You can download this presentation (slides only) in pdf and ppt format from this page. This presentation is available in English.

pdf EN (PDF, 2.971Kb)

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Eco-mapping tool

This is a visual, simple and practical tool to analyse and manage the environmental performance of small companies and craft industries. By drawing a series of "maps," one quickly locates the most significant environmental hazards on the company site and pinpoints areas for improvement. Once completed, the set of eco-maps serve as the basis for environmental management system documentation.

The Eco-mapping tool was developed by Heinz-Werner Engel in the context of the INEM project, EMAS Tool Kit for SMEs.


NGOs and EMAS: a win/win path to sustainable development

This brochure illustrates how Non-Government Organisations can contribute to promoting the EMAS scheme. NGOs can get acquainted with the scheme as a tool to reach their own goals namely to improve the environment at local level. The idea of this guide sprang from a very successful case in France.

pdf EN (PDF, 295Kb)


EMAS Energy Efficiency Toolkit for Small and Medium sized Enterprises

The detailed energy analysis proposed in this toolkit is a step by step procedure that evaluates energy consumption and costs in an organisation. It identifies losses and suggests improvements to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency. The toolkit is particularly targeted at Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and takes account of the specific needs of SMEs.

pdf EN (PDF 1,268Kb)


Guide for EMAS in sporting events

The Organising Committee of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, TOROC has developed this guide on behalf of the European Commission. The document has been developed in the midst of EMAS registration of the Winter Olympics in Turin, and provides a clear framework and guideline on how to register sporting events under EMAS. These events may have sizeable environmental impacts, and they are also considered a strategic field for the diffusion of EMAS.

The full guide is available here.


Transition from EMAS II to EMAS III

The Commission developed a list of frequently asked questions to help understand the transition from EMAS II to EMAS III. This FAQ aims to provide guidance for the Member States, organisations, verifiers, accreditation and competent bodies using the EMAS Regulation.


Training of EMAS Professionals

The EMAS section of the Italian Comitato Ecolabel Ecoaudit has developed a scheme to train of consultants, auditors and verifiers who will work in the implementation of EMAS in SMEs.

Find a full list of the schools involved with EMAS in Italy at

In Germany, several universities encompass sustainability issues and models such as EMAS within their curriculum:

Courses on EMAS are offered at the Gothenburg University, one of Sweden's largest and most popular universities. Find general information at or go to


Technical high schools in Poland and Germany team up for EMAS

An EMAS-registered technical high school in Baden-Wuertemberg (situated in Tettnang near Friedrichshafen) has established a partnership with a school in Poland. Both schools will cooperate in the field of EMAS. Please visit