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RequireWhat does EMAS require?

In order to meet the requirements of EMAS, an organisation must be able to demonstrate that it understands:

  • which environmental laws and regulations are applicable to its activities
  • which requirements of applicable laws and regulations apply to the organisation
  • how it complies with these laws, regulations and other requirements
  • how it keeps up to date with these laws, regulations and other requirements

Remember that one key commitment in your environmental policy must be to be in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. You will have to periodically evaluate this compliance (see section 8, Monitoring and measurements).

What are 'other requirements'?

EMAS does not restrict organisations to assessment of legal texts when planning their management systems, but makes reference to 'other requirements' to which the organisation subscribes.

Examples may be industry sector initiatives, for example the 'Responsible Care' initiative of the chemical industry, or local political initiatives, for example a local Agenda 21 initiative. These requirements may affect the elements of your environmental management system in a way that is similar to legal requirements.

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