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EMAS Toolkit for small organisations

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hero An EMAS-registered organisation is better managed

Benefits of environmental management

EMAS will definitely modernise your management

An EMS allows you to efficiently control your organisation's environmental data and performance. You will have all the necessary information to effectively communicate with your internal and external stakeholders. Environmental protection concerns everybody involved in the organisation. EMAS will allow people in different departments to work and communicate together in environmental action programmes. It makes managerial processes more transparent.

Enhance the quality of your products and services with EMAS

The management and protection of the environment are natural extensions of quality management. In the past many European SMEs have been “invited“ by their large customers to have certified quality management systems. The same trend is coming for environmental management systems. EMAS stands for environmental quality.

EMAS could enrich the process of environmental innovation

Internal action and reflection on environmental performance can generate new feedback and positive outcomes. New insights may lead to the creation of better products and services. EMAS helps to create a wider scope for thinking and integrates principles of environmental protection already in the early stages of design and creative thinking.

EMAS is about being part of a modern organisation

An EMS that operates on the basis of active involvement is stimulating and enriching for all employees. Staff motivation and employee morale are among the most frequently named benefits from the implementation of EMAS. People working in an EMAS-registered organisation are proud to work for a organisation that demonstrates environmental excellence.

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