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Local authorities


Intercommunale du Brabant wallon (IBW), Belgium

Activity: Waste and water treatment

EMAS: B-RW-000006
NACE: 75.130

Although the EMAS is a voluntary system, a regulation of the Walloon region (Belgium) makes it compulsory for any organisation that has wastewater treatment, waste incineration or controlled dumping as main activity.

At least 5 organisation have already been registered in Belgium in this context. A good example is IBW, the Intermunicipal institution of the Walloon Brabant province (located 20 km South of Brussels).

This public institution, whose services cover economical development, wastewater treatment and waste treatement for 27 municipalities, has had a sustainable development approach since its foundation, in the 60s, and it is ISO 14001 and EMAS certified since 2002. Moreover, it is certified for all of its activities and for all of its 44 sites, although the obligation only covers some of its activities.

IBW's environmental programme includes environmental awareness-raising for its subcontractors and the general population (esp. , with open door days in water treatment plants and waste container parks, as well as water and waste days. IBW also tries to interest the youth in the environment through visits to its facilities (water treatment plants, container parks, composting, incineration). Moreover, it has helped a school to get an ISO 14001 certification.


Intercommunale du Brabant wallon (IBW)
Rue de la Religion, 10
B - 1400 Nivelles

Ms. Elena Mirica
Environnement Coordinator

Mr. Claude Pasture
General Manager, Environnement Manager

Tel: +32-67-2171-11
Fax: +32-67-2169-28
Website :

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