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Service industries


BancaVerde, Italy

Activity: Financial services

EMAS: I-000098
NACE: 65.22

BancaVerde's mission is to provide both advisory services and lending in agriculture, agri-business, environment and renewable energy.

More specifically, the bank is involved with Eco-label certification for hotels, restructuring of rural lodgings, waste and water treatment, energy generation with renewable resources and low environmental impact, construction of environmentally-friendly buildings and EMAS and/or ISO 14001 certifications of SMEs and local authorities.

For organisations in the non-industrial sectors it is of particular importance to take their indirect environmental aspects into consideration. For a financial institution this could concern the way money is spent by its clients.

As a consequence, BancaVerde has adjusted the way it lends money to its clients. It has drawn up a specific screening procedure to measure the environmental impact of their customers’ projects. Projects considered to have low environmental risks are offered attractive interest rates on their loans. In addition, the bank has defined a new range of financial products tailored to its environmental commitments.

It is also actively involved in the promotion of EMAS amongst its customers. The bank itself has been registered with EMAS since 2002.


MPS BancaVerde S.p.A.
Piazza D'Azeglio, 22
I – 50121 FI Firenze

Tel: +39-55-233-1335
Fax: +39-55-240-826

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