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Service industries


Paradores de Turismo, Spain

Activity: Travel and tourism

EMAS: E-AN-000008
NACE: 55.1

State-owned Paradores de Turismo in Spain, has just become the European hotel chain with the highest number of EMAS registered hotels.

Facing increasing demand from tourists and responding to the philosophy of the Paradores - most of which are located on cultural or historical sites - the chain decided to implement an environmental management system in 42 of its 86 hotels. The remaining ones are expected to join the scheme very soon.

19.5 million euro were invested in waste management (reduction and separation), waste water treatment (purification and reuse), energy efficiency (cogeneration and use of bio energy) and automatisation of systems (mainly detectors for heating and lighting). Registered hotels have installed energy and water efficient laundry services and are now using environmentally friendly cleaning products and recycled paper. A training plan was set up for more than 2,000 employees, who attended a total of 300 courses.

On the way to the final result, the environmental statement, a complex documentation system was established and a series of best practice and guidance documents were drafted.


Paradores de Turismo de España, S.A.
Requena, 3
E - 28013 Madrid

Tel: +34-91-516-6700

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