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EMAS - Performance, Credibility, Transparency

Eco-label Environmental Compliance Assistance Program Green Public Procurement

Where to get further help ?

Before you start implementing EMAS you should gather as much information on the implementation of an EMS as possible. Have a look at how other organisations have realised EMAS. Speak to your employees, to your customers and suppliers; they should all be involved in this process. There are a number of information sources, case studies, projects and manuals on the implementation of EMAS on the internet.

Your first contact point for support should be your Competent Body. They will inform you about the administrative procedures to follow and provide you with application forms and guidelines. It is the Competent Body which will also be able to inform you about possible funding opportunities and other kind of technical assistance that could be available in your region or country. In addition they might also provide you with promotional material explaining the basics of EMAS which would be useful to distribute to your customers, employees and suppliers.

Contact also your Accreditation Body in order to receive a list of environmental verifiers who have accreditation in your economic sector. Contact the environmental verifier of your choice as soon as possible, you will also receive valuable advice from them.

The European Commission does not provide direct funding for EMAS registration. However, it has developed some promotional material in several languages and it is providing information and support on the EU level via this website and the EMAS Helpdesk.