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Calendar of Events

For publishing your EMAS related events on this page, please send the information to the EMAS Helpdesk. Please send it two to three months in advance to allow for timely publishing.

Past events are marked in grey.




30 October 2014

Recinte Modernista Sant Pau

Barcelona, Spain

Catalan EMAS Awards 2014

Next 30th October Catalan EMAS organizations will gather for another great EMAS evening. At the event the best environmental statement, the best environmental improvement and the best initiative addressed to involve interested parties will be awarded. As always the Club EMAS and the Catalan EMAS Competent Body will recognise the effort of the organizations that have already reached 10 years of EMAS and of course, the new comers.

The EMAS awards ceremony will be held at the “Recinte Modernista Sant Pau”, an amazing Art Nouveau Site and one of Europe’s oldest hospital institutions with over six centuries of history. Its evolution is closely linked to the development of medicine and the history of Barcelona. For more information about the event please visit:

8 October 2014

MAN Truck & Bus AG, Munich

Munich, Germany

EMAS Regional Group South

The Association of European Sustainability- and Eco-Management Professionals (VNU) with its EMAS Club offers the opportunity to participate in direct dialogue with other EMAS users in various regional groups for the purpose of networking and exchanging knowledge. Interested representatives of EMAS registered organisations or companies seeking EMAS registration are invited to these meetings. The next EMAS Regional group meeting will be held in Munich and it will focus on employees' involvement in environmental management.

Find the registration form and programme here:

3 October 2014

Turó de la Seu Vella (Sala de la Canonja), Lleida

Lleida, Spain

4th Marketplace

The “Marketplace” is organized by the Catalan Government and the EMAS Club within the framework of the Tàndem project. Tàndem is aimed at promoting cooperation between companies and environmental organisations. In this sense, the 4th Marketplace is meant to be an open meeting point for them and to foster understanding and cooperation.

Registration is free but the number of participants is limited. Find the registration form here:

22 November 2013

Brussels Chamber of Commerce BECI

Brussels, Belgium

European Green Office Network closing event

The first European Green Office Awards will be presented together with the project results of the European Green Office Network. The project trained office managers from the public, private and NGO sectors and developed a toolbox to support the implementation of good environmental practices in offices across Europe. The event will conclude with networking sessions for service providers, office managers and environmental consultants.

Register online:

24 September 2013

Industrie-und Handelskammer zu Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Germany

14th VNU Environmental Verifiers Day

The annual meeting of the German Association for management of environment and sustainability, for environmental verifiers, auditors and environmental management representatives.

Under the headline “Seizing opportunities – Shaping the future” there will be a number of presentation by experts on topics ranging from fracking, the GRI 4.0 guidelines, the ISO 14001 revision to biodiversity in environmental management. Sign up online or via +4970086811223. Please note that the conference will be hold in German.

29-31 May 2013

Sofia, Bulgaria

'Save the PLANET' - Conference & Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling & Environment

The event is targeted at South-East Europe. It promotes innovative sustainable products and services and provides an opportunity for foreign companies to acquire new business contacts by meeting face to face with local customers.

23-24 May 2013

Hotel Ambassador – Zlata Husa

Prague, Czech Republic

14th European Forum on Eco-innovation: INTO CLEAN AIR…

The conference focuses on delivering innovative solutions for mobility, energy and ICT in cities, with the aim of decreasing air pollution in European cities and communities. A specific session will be devoted to generating innovative ideas to solve air quality issues facing Czech cities.

If you want to discover how cities are succeeding in turning into sustainable environments, if you want to make your eco-innovative ideas heard, then register online now (admission to the forum is free!).

17 – 19 April 2013

Geneva, Switzerland

7th European Conference on sustainable cities and towns

The conference will focus on the topic "A green and socially responsible economy: a solution in times of crisis?" Organised by the City of Geneva and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, the event will host local and national governments, UN and European Institutions, business, science institutes and research and development organisations from all over Europe.

Green Economy, in all its dimensions, will be addressed by multiple experts to gain a better understanding of how gaps between environmental, economic and social goals can be bridged. Register here.

15 April 2013

Ministry for the Environment


EMAS Conference – Doing sustainable, efficient and competitive business

Hosted by German minister for the environment Peter Altmaier and European Commission Director General for the Environment Karl Falkenberg, the conference offers experts from business, science and politics an opportunity to discuss the potential of EMAS in the following three workshops:

  1. Using EMAS' potential in the company
  2. EMAS and products / services – a necessary connection?
  3. The environmental verifier as guarantor of credibility

Register here by 2 April.

Conference programme.

11 April 2013

AIHK Frankfurt / Main

Frankfurt, Germany

VNU Environmental Managers Day 2013

This year's Environmental Managers Day will address the following topics:

  • Product Footprint (Dr. Michele Galatola, EU Commission; requested)
  • Water Footprint (M.Sc. Markus Berger, TU Berlin)
  • Applying Energy Management (Roland Stöckert, MAN Trucks)
  • Applying Supply Chain Management (Gisbert Braun, Faber Castell)
  • Guideline G4 of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI representative, requested)
  • ISO 14001 – Revision (Cornelia Fricke, Liaison Partner in ISO TC207)

10-11 April 2013

London, United Kingdom

Water & Environment 2013: CIWEM's Annual Conference

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management's conference will provide a comprehensive overview of the sector covering the practical reality and future of sustainably delivering water and environmental management.

20 March 2013

Birmingham, United Kingdom (TBC)

Valuing Ecosystem Services: IEEM Spring Conference

The Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management's event will address the topic "Costing the Value of Nature: Methods for Factoring Biodiversity Related Ecosystem Services into Decision Making."

Bookings open soon. Check

20 March 2013

Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

Herzogenaurach, Germany

Meeting of the VNU Expert Panel on Sustainability Management

Hosted by Schaeffler Technologies, the conference of the German Environmental Management Professionals Association will focus on "Sustainability in the Supply Chain". Guest lecture by Frank Henke / Adidas Group.

Informal applications by 4th March to

14 March 2013

Werner + Merz GmbH

Mainz, Germany

EMAS Club Europe – regional group "Rhein-Main" meeting

Moderated by Peter Fischer, VNU board / management consulting

Apply online by 28 February.

26 February 2013

Schaeffler Austria

Berndorf, Austria

EMAS Club Europe – 2nd meeting of group "Austria"

Moderated by Lennart Schleicher, VNU board / Schaeffler Group.

Apply online by 12 February.

21 February 2013

Himolla Postermöbel

Taufkirchen, Germany

EMAS Club Europe – regional group "South" meeting

Moderated by Lennart Schleicher, VNU board / Schaeffler Group.

Free of charge for organisations that are EMAS registered/applying for EMAS or members of VNU. Others contact for application for a VNU liaison status and conference fee of 90€.

Apply online by 31 January.