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EMAS Newsletter – Issue 05 / November 2013

Dear EMAS Community,

Joining the EMAS community means adding real value to your company in the eyes of potential and current clients. So you should communicate your registration in the most effective way possible! EMAS already provides you with two very effective tools for this purpose: environmental performance indicators and the EMAS logo. Used properly, these instruments can be very useful for communicating your environmental commitment to stakeholders. To support organisations who want to effectively promote their EMAS registration, the Federal Environmental Agency and the EMAS Advisory Board in Germany recently released two guidebooks : a handbook for the application of numerical indicators in environmental management systems, with an emphasis on EMAS, and a guide full of creative examples of how to make good use of the EMAS logo. Both publications can be downloaded directly from the German EMAS website.

After the summer holidays, the start of the new academic year is always a time to take up old projects with renewed vigour. Such as the EMAS Club Europe who gathered on October 9th for a one-day conference held at the EMAS registered Werner & Mertz AG headquartersin Mainz. The EMAS Club was pleased to welcome Rolf-Jan Hoeve, responsible for the EMAS Team at the Europen Commission, as a key-note-speaker and take the opportunity to discuss many current issues concerning the further development of EMAS.

Enjoy the read!

Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment


  EMAS News

Environmental indicators in practice

The German Federal Environmental Agency has published a new handbook with detailed explanations and good examples of the use of performance indicators in environmental reporting, with emphasis on EMAS.

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Get creative with the EMAS logo!

Many EMAS companies use the logo in a creative and smart way to draw attention to their environmental performance. The new brochure released by the German EMAS Advisory Board provides best practice examples.

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EMAS experts meet at European conference

One and a half years after its founding conference in February 2012, the EMAS Club Europe once again invited members from EMAS registered organisations, EMAS regulators and other interested parties to share their views and visions concerning EMAS at a day-long conference.

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  News on Sustainable Production and Consumption from the Web


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18-19 November 2013

London, United Kingdom

Sustainable Brands Europe

Global population growth, overconsumption of resources and the threats on biodiversity demand a fundamental change in the way we understand both consumer behaviour and brand building.
For the first time in Europe, leading brands and sustainable movement leaders will gather in London at the Sustainable Brands Conference with the aim of finding a joint path to sustainability. The Conference, to be held on 27 and 28 November, will bring together over 400 professionals from 22 countries to present new studies and good practices in the fields of sustainable consumption and branding.

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25-26 November 2013

Bonn, Germany

GreenEvents Europe 2013 – Europe's leading conference for sustainability in the live music and event industry

The third European conference on sustainability in the live music and event industry, to be held on November 25-26 at the Wissenschaftszentrum in Bonn is expected to draw more than 120 guests from Germany and abroad. The aim is to connect experts and professionals involved in event organisation, to build networks and exchange knowledge, opinions and best practise ideas.

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27-30 November 2013

Ghent, Belgium

Eurocities 2013: Smart Citizens

EUROCITIES 2013 Ghent will explore how innovation and new technology can be used to empower citizens and build more inclusive, more sustainable societies. How can smart technology lead to improved transport, better social cohesion and more efficient energy consumption in our cities?

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