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How to use the EMAS logo correctly?

There are two ways to use the EMAS logo: the logo using the wording ‘Verified Environmental Management’ in conjunction with the registration number may be used solely by EMAS-registered organisations. The logo without a registration number can be used by stakeholders not registered to EMAS in order to promote the scheme.

EMAS logo with the registration number

EMAS logo for marketing and promotional purposes


Use of the EMAS logo for marketing and promotional purposes

The logo can also be used to promote the scheme itself or to inform potential participants and other stakeholders. For example, the European Commission uses this logo version on its EMAS leaflets and the EMAS website, and environmental associations can use the logo when introducing EMAS in their information material. This would also be the logo version to use when drafting a press article about EMAS. In this case the logo is used without ‘verified environmental management’ text and registration number.

When using the logo for promotion purposes for the EMAS Scheme rather than promotion of an organisation, it should not be used in association with an organisation’s name or registration number, and should not give the impression of registration to the scheme.

Some best practise examples:

UK poster

EMAS Logo website (DE)

Poster of registered companies (IT)

Poster of registered crafts in the region of Saarland (DE)

Desk Flag (PT)

Article on EMAS in management magazine