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EMAS - Performance, Credibility, Transparency

Eco-label Environmental Compliance Assistance Program Green Public Procurement

How to use the EMAS logo correctly?


There are two ways to use the EMAS logo: the logo using the wording ‘Verified Environmental Management’ in conjunction with the registration number may be used solely by EMAS-registered organisations. The logo without a registration number can be used by stakeholders not registered to EMAS in order to promote the scheme.

with registration number

EMAS logo with the registration number

EMAS logo for marketing and promotional purposes


Use of the EMAS logo with the registration number

EMAS logo with the registration number indicates the fact that an organisation has an environmental management system in place conforming to the requirements of EMAS. You can use this version, for example, on your stationery (letterheads, invitations, compliment slips etc), websites, door plates and door signs, posters and billboards, buildings and means of transport, exhibition stands and flags.

You can also use the logo on advertisements promoting your organisation’s participation in the scheme. In this case, the logo has to be clearly and exclusively attributed to the registered organisation by including its registration number. Confusion with organisations not registered to EMAS has to be avoided.

Some best practise examples:

Letterhead: Hospital Mühlheim/Ruhr (DE)

Letterhead: Camping Wirthshof (DE)

Letterhead: day care centre (DE)

E-mail signature: Redeem (UK)

Poster: Weltjugendtag Köln 2005 (DE)

Poster: Siemens Energieeinsparung Somatom (DE)

Website: Technisches Hilfswerk Celle (DE)

Website: Haslach School (DE)

Door sign: Stora Enso Kabel (DE)

Door sign: Federal Environmental Agency Berlin(DE)

Door sign: Chamber of Commerce Duisburg (DE)

Container for storage and transport: Siemens Medical (DE)

Tram: Cologne Municipal Transport Services (DE)

Bus : Municipal Transport Services Lübeck (DE)

Aeroplane : Lufthansa CityLine (DE)

Flag: Leeds City Council (UK)

Flag: Laufen Austria AG (AT)

Flag: Ministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft (AT)

Flag: Berliner Stoffdruckerei (DE)

Globe: Kirklees Metropolitan (UK)

Catalogue : Quelle (DE)

Catalogue: Studiosus travel agency (DE)

Cups: Federal Ministry for Environment (AT)