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Local Authority Corner


The following section gives an overview of seminars organised in the framework of the LA-EMAS Campaign and national training programs aimed at promoting EMAS. A toolkit has been developed to assist in the implementation of EMAS in municipalities and other local authorities.

LA-EMAS Poster: “Heads connected by EMAS”

Following the impressive success EMAS had among local authorities and high level administration, the Commission acknowledged the effort taken through a poster of ministers, councillors and mayors of registered administration units. It was titled “Heads connected by EMAS” and can be downloaded in a printable format here (PDF PDF 5,500kb).

LA-EMAS Campaign: Increasing awareness among local authorities

The Commission carried out information campaigns throughout the EU in order to inform and raise awareness on EMAS among public authorities. Beginning in 2002, one-day events took place in the capitals of all Member States throughout 2003 and 2004. Commission officials were on hand to explain the particularities of EMAS, and officials from the Member States administrations presented on-going and future plans to promote EMAS in each country. They have also described the mechanisms and assistance available for that purpose. The seminars drew on the experience of municipalities who have already implemented the scheme.

Reports of exemplary seminars in several Member States:

February 2003, Brussels:
Seminar organised by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) together with the Union of Belgian Cities and Municipalities, the Association of Dutch cities and municipalities, the Association of the City of Brussels and the Municipalities of the Region of Brussels-Capital, IBGEBIM (Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment) and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Health and the Environment. You can download the seminar report (PDF 25Kb).

May 2003:
6 Seminars for Wallonian civil servants: EMAS benefits for everyday work. You can read the overview ( PDF 22Kb) here and find a French summery.


January 2003, Helsinki:
The event was organised by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) with the help of the Association of Finnish local and regional authorities (AFLRA), EFEKTIA (consulting and research company owned by the AFLRA), the Finnish Environment Institute and the Finnish Ministry of Environment. You can download the seminar report (PDF 28Kb) and list of speakers (PDF 10Kb).


November 2002 Amiens:
The conference, organised by Info-Point Europe Amiens Picardie - European Union Relay, took place under the patronage of the EU Committee of the Regions and the French Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development. It provided participants with a platform for exchanging their experiences and discovering available tools by means of a "Meeting Village" managed by public and private operators (EMAS accreditation and competent bodies, banks, insurance companies...)


March 2003, Dublin
The Irish EMAS seminar was organised together with the Institute of Public Administration and EMAS pilot authority, the South Tipperary County Council. You can download the seminar report (PDF, 116Kb)


May 2002, Rome:
The 2-day-conference entitled "Strumenti volontari di gestione ambientale per il territorio" was organised by the Italian Union of Provinces (UPI), the EMAS Competent Body, the ENEA, the Provinces of Viterbo and Potenza. The Seminar report (PDF 101Kb) is available in Italian.


May 2003, Poznan:
EMAS - A Systematic tool for environmental management for local and regional authorities. You can read the overview here ( PDF 23Kb).


October 2003, Barcelona:
EMAS peer review for cities - training workshop. You can download the seminar report from the Newsletter (PDF 1,66 Mb).

United Kingdom

November 2002 London:
The British event took place in the framework of the third annual Sustainability in Public Services Conference and Exhibition (SIPS).
By incorporating the EMAS conference of the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) into SIPS, the day had a steady focus on EMAS, with detailed analysis and comparison to ISO14001 in an interactive debate after lunch. Speakers from LRQA, ODPM, Environment Agency, and the European Commission participated.

Information on the conference programme and proceedings can be accessed from the conference website

Training Programmes


The development of the training programme was supported by a committee chaired by South Tipperary County Council, with representation from the DoELG, FÁS, EPA, Cork County Council and SIPTU.

The training programme has been designed to assist local authorities in implementing EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme - EU Regulation No. 761/2001). There is a strong focus on practical implementation approaches, getting best value from the system and learning from the experiences of other European authorities.

The training programme was jointly developed by Patel Tonra Ltd and Global to Local Ltd. and comprises the following modules:

Target Audience: County Managers and Service Directors

MODULE 1: Introduction to EMS
Target Audience: Senior Management, Engineers, Cognate Grades and Administration Staff

MODULE 2: Implementing an EMS
Target Audience: Engineers, Cognate Grades and Administration Staff

MODULE 3 - Auditing
Target Audience: Engineers, Cognate Grades and Administration Staff

Further information can be obtained from:
Nuala Bannon, DoELG
Louise O'Donnell, Patel Tonra Ltd.,