EMAS & regional labels

How do I move from other environmental management systems to EMAS?

Ecoprofit, Ecolighthouse, Eco-dynamic label, Green Key, etc. Environmental Management Systems are springing up all over the EU, and many of them are designed to cover specific areas or sectors of activity. Local and regional administrations are using these systems to improve sustainability or environmental performance in their region.

If your organisation is affiliated with a regional label, chances are you have already implemented an Environmental Management System. That means it will be easier for your organisation to step up to EMAS. As it is often the case that there are many similarities between various Environmental Management Systems, it is likely that your organisation has already fulfilled many of EMAS requirements.

According to the EMAS Regulation Art. 45, EMAS recognises existing Environmental Management Systems, which is a measure designed to help organisations avoid multiplying their efforts.

In order to achieve recognition, Member States must submit a written request to the European Commission. In this request, Member States should specify, with evidence, which aspects of their existing Environmental Management Systems they wish to have recognised as equivalent to EMAS. Following that, eligible organisations would need only to complete those additional steps that remain in the process of EMAS registration.

If you wish to find out more about the similarities between your current regional label and EMAS, or to find comprehensive guidelines to support your transition, we encourage you to read the “Step up to EMAS” study.