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EU EMAS Award Winners 2008


The Winners of the European EMAS Awards 2008 were announced during the Awards Ceremony to be held on 20th of November in the Hotel Plaza in Brussels.


The winners of the European EMAS Awards 2008 are :

In the category Micro organisations : The Evangelische Kirchengemeinde, Kreuzäcker, Germany

The church, which has a Lutheran congregation of 1550 and a staff of 6, won the prize for its impressive energy saving initiatives, including its use of renewable energy from photovoltaic technology, that converts sunlight into electricity and the introduction of modern wood pellet heating. These changes mean that more than 60 % of their energy consumption is of renewable resources and have reduced their GHG emission by 38 tons /year.


In the category Small organisations: Pangea Green Energy s.r.l, Italy

Pangea specialises in the production of green energy from renewable sources including biogas and participates in Clean Development Mechanism projects in developing countries. The company won the award for its contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from its activities.

In the category Medium organisations: Imperbel S.A. / Derbigum, Belgium

Imperbel/Derbigum is a leading manufacturer of bituminous waterproofing membranes and I now integrating photovoltaic panels within its rooftop applications. The company, which first gained it’s registration to EMAS more than 10 years ago, has won the prize for its continuing innovation and it’s performance in achieving energy consumption reductions and cutting CO2 emissions by 30%.

In the category Large organisations: Milko, Sweden

Milko is one Sweden's largest producers of dairy products and, in 2006, set a target of cutting CO2 emissions by 25% within 10 years. More than 30 % of this target has been achieved in the last 2 years and continues to seek further reductions through the use of alternatively energy sources such as biogas. The company has won the award for its energy-efficiency measures.

In the category Public organisations: Kirklees Council, UK.

Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire, England, has been recognised for its commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and for its activities and performance in energy efficiency, which include the installation and monitoring of Smart meters which should save more than 1000 tonnes of CO2 by 2010. Energy efficient measures were focused both on public amenities and affordable housing, with an expectation of a reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 200 tons / year, and is seeking further reduction in CO2 emissions through reductions in water consumption.