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Nomination and evaluation process 

EMAS Awards winners are selected in a three-step approach:

Step 1:

EMAS registered organisations are invited to submit their application to their respective national Competent Body. National Competent Bodies can officially nominate one organisation per category - either through a national Awards ceremony or an internal selection.

Step 2:

Organisations nominated for the EMAS Awards by national Competent Bodies are evaluated by the international jury on the basis of a questionnaire developed by the European Commission (used by national Competent Bodies to select nominees and not required to be filled out by applicants), the nominees’ environmental statements and submissions on their performance related to the selected topic. Each nominated organisations is evaluated by two jury members (when the scores of the two jury members differ considerably, a third jury member will be included in the process to take the final decision). The evaluation takes into account (inter alia) how the organisation has improved its performance on environmental (core) indicators since implementing EMAS, as well as how the organisation compares to its peers. In evaluating performance, not only does the size of the organisation matter, but also the type (industry, services, public sector). In addition to a quantitative assessment, the jury also takes into account innovative aspects of the organisation’s performance, such as new technologies applied and/or improved methods, systems and processes, as well as investments leading to performance improvements.

Step 3:

The results of the evaluation process will be presented at the EMAS Awards ceremony. Awards are handed out to representatives of winning organisations during the Award ceremony. During the ceremony, nominated organisations are honoured with a smaller nomination award.