Key Benefits

EMAS provides

  1. Enhanced credibility, transparency and reputation
    • continuous improvement of environmental performance is verified
    • independently validated reporting through environmental statement
    • an opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a premium instrument, leading to increased business opportunities in markets that prioritise green production processes
    • better relations with customers, the local and wider community, and regulators
    • EMAS logo as a marketing tool
  2. Enhanced environmental risks and opportunities management
    • guarantee of full regulatory compliance with environmental legislation
    • reduced risk of fines related to environmental legislation
    • regulatory relief
    • access to deregulation incentives
    • access to public contracts
  3. Enhanced environmental and financial performance
    • high quality environmental management
    • resource efficiency and cost savings
  4. Enhanced employee empowerment and motivation
    • improved workplace environment
    • enhanced employee commitment
    • greater team-building capacity

Check out the 3x3 Good Reasons for EMAS brochure to learn about this premium environmental management instrument and how it supports tackling key management challenges, helps with risk & opportunity management and the disctinctive features that make EMAS unique.