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Working together: three organisations have transformed waste into beautiful lamps

The CINTES lamps are the result of a “circular” collaboration among two EMAS registered organisations: DENSO Barcelona, a manufacturing company from the automotive sector and Fundació AMPANS, a foundation involving people with different forms of psychological disabilities.

Thanks to the collaboration and expertise of DEMANO Producciones Sostenibles, a Barcelona’s based organisation specialised in the design and production of bags and accessories from reused materials, all partners came up with a unique and beautiful object designed by DEMANO and assembled in collaboration with AMPANS with DENSO’s waste.

The material used for the lamps is paper strips that are discarded in the insertion of electronic components to the electronic boards. This material together with other polystyrene and polyethylene strips that are generated along the production of electronic plates of the automotive industry are very difficult to separate and were disposed in landfills or burned.

DENSO generates approximately 80 tons/year of these residues, about 10% of the waste generated in the site. Considering that an average of 30 meters of paper strip were used to manufacture one lamp, reusing all the material could allow an estimated yearly production of 1300 lamps.

Converting waste into objects with aesthetic value has also provided social and economic value. A material that was previously thrown with a single gesture of the hand, now passes through the skilled and trained hands of AMPANS workers that transforms it, gives a new life to the material and a circular product to the market.

Moreover, DENSO’s and AMPANS’ sites are just a 5 km distance from each other and AMPANS is already the gardening service provider for DENSO Barcelona. This circumstance has been relevant to optimize resources and reduce emissions in the project since AMPANS has taken advantage of the trips it made to DENSO to collect the material.

Thanks to EMAS’ circular approach and to the synergies among stakeholders, the partners have been able to transform waste into a handmade design product that fills any interior with a warm and diffused light.

You want to know more? See how the lamp is being made. Click here for the English version and here for the Spanish version of the video.