European Commission’s Environmental Goals: What’s new?

hands heart earthThe main highlights of the EMAS Steering Committee’s meeting of 30th January were:

• Adoption of more ambitious environmental performance targets for 2014-20 following mid-term review. These included reducing:

o water use by 5% (instead of 4%);

o office paper consumption by 34% (instead of 0.4%);

o CO2 emissions of Commission fleet vehicles, according to manufacturer specifications, by 14% (instead of 6%) and

o non-hazardous waste generation by 10% (instead of 2%)

  • Adoption of the EMAS Global Action Plan 2019 with more than 220 ongoing actions (including 80 new ones) and which are designed to help meet the Commission’s environmental performance targets. The number of actions related to waste management increased significantly, reflecting the steps taken in 2018 to reduce single use plastics.
  • DG CLIMA will perform a study into longer term targets for carbon emissions reduction, and which should be delivered by middle 2020.
  • For additional information, please contact the EMAS Corporate Coordination team (HR.D.02): EC-EMAS@ec.europa.eu or klick here.