Amended EMAS Annex IV and new SRDs in effect

The European Commission adopted modified EMAS requirements for environmental reporting and new Sectoral Reference Documents (SRD) on best environmental practices

Since January 9th, the amended Annex IV of the EMAS regulation (EU Commission Regulation EU 2018/2026) is in place. Annex IV of EMAS regulates the environmental reporting requirements for an EMAS registered organisation. This revised version of Annex IV has been developed in cooperation with the member states of the European Union and allows EMAS organisations new opportunities to report on their environmental performance. This amendment includes an update of EMAS’ core indicators and the language of the environmental statement. Also, the modified Annex IV makes it easier for organisations to use their EMAS environmental statement for other reporting obligations. Find the full-text EMAS Annex IV Amendment here.

New Sectoral Reference Documents adopted

The European Commission has adopted three sectoral reference documents on best environmental practice, sector environmental performance indicators and benchmarks of excellence. Find here Sectoral Reference Documents for the car manufacturing sector, electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing sector and the public administration sector.