EMAS’s achievements in fourth quarter of 2018

Every three months, the European Commission looks back on progress made in promoting EMAS and environmental management

For EMAS, fall 2018 has been the season of workshops and conferences. The EMAS helpdesk will provide an insight into four of these meeting.

EMAS Committee Meeting and EMAS Conference in Vienna

On September 25th 2018, the European Commission invited EMAS Committee Members to a meeting in Vienna. At the Committee Meeting the EMAS Helpdesk presented the most current EMAS statistics (which you can access here) and recent activities of the EMAS Helpdesk. Committee Members discussed the newest developments and future trends in the field of EMAS. Within a workshop in a world café format Committee Members explored new approaches on EMAS development such as the connection of EMAS with latest trends in digitalization or innovative approaches to write an environmental statement.

On September 26th 2018, the conference "Future EMAS - Perspectives on Environmental Activities in Companies” hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Environment analyzed the post-2020 challenges of EMAS, the results of the REFIT process and the future of environmental management. The participants also discussed examples of best practice presented by company representatives and explored the challenges of EMAS in the field of transparency and communication. Find out more about the conference and download the presentations here.

Annual EMAS workshop – Belgium

On October 4th 2018, the three Belgian Competent Bodies held their annual EMAS meeting. This year’s topic was the successful implementation of the new EMAS requirements. The workshop did focus on concrete examples of different organisations which did successfully implement the new EMAS requirements and looked beyond these demands. PMC-Holding presented the new structure of their environmental management system (EMS). The Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) introduced the results of an interesting employee survey on their perception of EMAS after 5 years of registration. Also, VITO presented the content of the soon to be published Sectoral Reference Document on Public Administrations. Brussel’s Competent Body introduced the new structure of the regional eco-dynamic label and the Flemish region presented its impressive results on the design and performance of their new buildings, as well as their energy management system.

Download all presentations of the workshop here. There is even a video of the meeting (in Dutch and French), watch it here!

EMAS Conference in Berlin

On November 9th 2018, the conference “Sustainable Management for the Agenda 2030" hosted by the German Ministry of Environment explored the role of businesses in achieving the global sustainability goals with a focus on EMAS. In four lively workshops, representatives of SMEs, financial institutes, environmental experts and ministry staff explored the opportunities of EMAS and its future. The topics were

  • EMAS as a climate management tool for companies
  • EMAS as a tool for supply chain management
  • EMAS’ role in the transition to sustainable finance
  • Integrated strategies for EMAS – the policy framework

The findings of the workshops will be published in a conference transcript soon. Find out more about the conference here.

Germany's and Austira's National EMAS Awards

Another highlight of the Berlin conference was the presentation of 2018’s German EMAS Awards. This year’s winners come from very different industries – a mineral water brand, a natural foods wholesaler and a manufacturer of energy and sanitary systems. Also, a university and a church got honored for their lead in the field of EMAS. Find out more about the winners here.

The picture was similar for the Austrian EMAS Awards 2018, presented to the winners on September 25th at the impressive natural history museum in Vienna. Find out more about the Austrian EMAS Awards and pictures of the event here.