New Guidelines on organising sustainable EC meetings and events

guide sustainable eventsTo support the Commission’s commitment to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, the EMAS Steering Committee approved guidelines including minimum requirements (and advanced options) for Commission event planners to meet. They contain a checklist covering seven steps of event organisation focussing on reducing waste generation, energy consumption and encouraging the use of sustainable foods and products.

This is in line with the Commission delivering on its #OurOceans 2017 commitment announced by Vice-President Timmermans.

In relation to its Brussels buildings:

  • all single-use plastic cups in water fountains and vending machines were phased out in 2017;
  • in 2018, plastic cups have gradually been replaced by recyclable paper cups, straws removed and plastic stirrers replaced by wooden ones; and
  • work-in-progress include single-use plastic packaging being such as used for salads being substituted gradually by reusable alternatives and water fountains being installed in all EC-restaurants and canteens.

And this is part of the picture. Nearly 50 actions for the gradual removal of single-use items are on-going in all EC-sites.