Looking back on EMAS’ summer

Every three months, the European Commission assesses progress made in promoting EMAS and environmental management

In May, the European Commission met Competent Bodies and Ministerial Representatives managing EMAS at the national level to coordinate promotional activities and discuss regulatory issues. These meetings take place twice a year. The first one, which was held in Prague, was an opportunity to discuss Czech initiatives to increase administrative and financial advantages for EMAS-registered organisations. The Czech Ministry of the Environment is a partner of the project BRAVER, which aims to support the full integration of EMAS into EU environmental legislation and remove burdens for EMAS-registered organisations. We are excited to see the new measures that will be implemented at the end of the project, planned for September 2019!

The meeting was also an occasion to learn about the workshops and communication materials on EMAS that Member States have developed. The European Commission has in turn developed two case studies to raise awareness of EMAS:

EMAS in the waste sector highlights the challenges faced by this industry and the point of view of waste companies using EMAS to improve their operations,

Involving employees in implementing EMAS gives concrete examples of how an organisation can collect ideas from employees and make environmental performance an objective for all.

They were recently published on the EMAS website and we hope they will be useful to you (in addition to all the publications that are available on the website under Publications & Studies).

We would also like to know whether you have been using the tools developed by the European Commission. They are available here and enable you to identify your environmental impacts, track legal obligations and calculate key indicators. Are they useful to you? How could they be more helpful? Help us make the best of them by replying to this short survey: https://surveys.adelphi.de/index.php/575753?lang=en. Thank you very much for your participation!

In terms of policy, the Sectoral Reference Document for the Agriculture sector was published in June. Sectoral Reference Documents (SRDs) present best practices, environmental indicators and benchmarks of excellence for specific sectors to offer organisations inspiration to improve their performance. They have been developed by the European Commission and EMAS-registered organisations need to take them into account when developing their environmental strategy to ensure an appropriate level of ambition. To find out more about SRDs, click here.

In September, another meeting between the Commission and the Member States will take place in Vienna. New publications are also being prepared. September will be a busy month for EMAS for everyone! Keep up with the latest news by following us on Facebook and Twitter.